42 - Ridiculous Japanese Video

Yesterday, we looked at a super-emo love song.

So I was thinking today, we could look at a super-ridiculous comedy video.

It made me laugh, at least.

I give you...

gyagu manga biyori
Gag Manga Biyori
(Literally: "gag + manga + good day.")

(Note: I think the official translation is "A Good Day for Gag Manga.")
(Note #2: For more info on this manga [and anime], here's the Wikipedia page.)

Before we dive into the video, a few notes.

First, the following clip is just a 30-second excerpt of this full, 5-minute movie.

Here's some backstory, courtesy of Wikipedia:

"The Ramen Fairy, one of the fairies that are sent to the degenerating Japan by the Queen of Fairies, is found by a girl inside a ramen cup—with a chopstick-stabbing first contact. He asks the girl to become a magical girl—which, however, yields unexpectedly disastrous results."

We're skipping right to the "disastrous results:"

(Caution: This is a comedy... which means we are looking at some breakneck-speed Japanese. It's incredibly fast. I missed a few lines my first time watching it, too... so don't fret if it feels impossible.)

(Before You Watch: You may want to look for this video online, so you can watch it in English [and get a laugh out of it before studying it]... I tried to find a good page to do so, but the only ones I came across were so spammy I couldn't bring myself to share them.)

↑ Gag Manga Biyori, Episode #9:
Mahō shōjo tanjō
Birth of the magical girl

Full Script, With Translation

Not only did I personally transcribe this whole clip, but I also made audio tracks and screenshots for each line of dialogue. Anki lovers eat your heart out...

(Note: Since it took me forever to set up these audio files, transcriptions, and screenshots, I'm going to save all of the detailed dialogue breakdowns for the next lesson.)

Line 01

tokoro de ima futo omotta n dakedo,
anime toka de sa,
onnanoko ga henshin suru toki ni
isshun hadaka ni nattari suru no aru kedo

By the way, this just occurred to me, but
like in anime and stuff
when girls transform
sometimes they become naked for a moment. So...

(Literally, Line 1.1: "by the way + now + suddenly/incidentally + thought + んだ + but")
(Literally, Line 1.2: "anime + and stuff + で + さ")
(Literally, Line 1.3: "girls + が + transform + time + に")
(Literally, Line 1.4: "a moment + naked + に + become [and stuff] + の + is + but")
(Note: The nuance is that she's worried she's gonna become naked suddenly.)

Line 02

aa, sore nara shinpai shinaide kudasai
Oh, there's no need for you to worry about that.
(Literally: "Oh + about that + don't worry + please")

Line 03

hadaka ni naru no wa anata no otousan desu kara
The one who will become naked is your father.
(Literally: "naked + に + become + のは + your + father + is + because")

Line 04

doushite otousan ga?!
Why my father?!
(Literally: "why + father + が?!")

Line 05

mahou tte no wa fushigi nan desu
Well, magic is mysterious.
(Literally: "magic + ってのは + mysterious + なん + is")

Line 06

fushigi sugiru daro!
That's too mysterious!
(Literally: "mysterious + too much + right [?]")

Line 07

maa, ii ka, tonikaku henshin shite miyou
Ah, whatever, anyways, guess I'll try to transform.
(Literally: "Well + whatever + anyways + transform + let's try")

Line 08

maa ii no? demo, maa, ii ka, kore de gakkou de jiman dekiru zo
Just like that?! But... yeah, OK, this way I can brag about it at school.
(Literally: "well whatever?! + but + well + whatever + with this + at school + can brag + ぞ")
(Note: Literal translation for this is kind of a nightmare. I'll try to get to it in the next lesson.)

Line 09

nanda kono kyoudai?
What's with these two?
(Literally: "what is + these + siblings?")

Line 10

iku yo
Here goes nothin'.
(Literally: "go + よ")

Line 11

dosanko raamen pawaa meiku appu!!
Dosanko Ramen Power Make Up!

(Note: I just had to put a note here, because that doesn't make any sense in English. "Dosanko Ramen" is a type of Hokkaido-style ramen, apparently made by this company, and メイクアップ is what the girls on Sailor Moon say when they transform... according to Rei.)

Line 12

jaa, kore wo fakkusu shite kure
So, could you fax this?
(Literally: "So + this + を + fax + please [casual/masculine]")

Line 13

ore ga... ore ga nani wo shita tte iu n da
Why me? ...Why is this happening to me?
(Literally: "I + が... + I + が + what + を + did + っていうんだ")
(Note: Explaining this one will take a lot of time... so I'm saving it for the next lesson.)

One more time, here's the audio for just the second half of Line 13.

In Closing

Hope this adds a little silliness to your day.

This is the kind of stuff I break down and study now that I'm at a higher level.

Levels of Comedy Mastery:
1. Too fast. Too fast. Too fast!!! 😭😭😭
2. Don't understand it at all.
3. Understand some of it but don't get why it's funny.
4. Understand some of it and kind of think it's funny.
5. Understand most of it and think it's funny.
6. Understand 99% of it and think it's hilarious.

I think I'm still at #5, honestly.

Gotta brush up on my speed slang! Or something... 💀

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