08 - Draft Beer, Half Price!

In my misguided wanderings of Tokyo, I'm always taking pictures of signs.

Usually it's because said signs have some Japanese I want to share with readers.

To my shame, though, I usually end up forgetting about the photos, and they are buried in a mass of digital storage.

Not today, though.

I only have about 15 minutes to write this lesson, so it's the perfect chance to break down one of these many "sign photos" I've collected:

It's kind of hard to read that (along with pretty much any handwritten Japanese), but it says:

roku gatsu kara maishuu kinyoubi
nama biiru hangaku!!

Starting in June, every Friday
draft beer is half price!

This couple of lines is filled with Japanese that is perfect for reading signs on our travels around the Land of the Rising Sun.

Number + Month (月)
1月 = ichigatsu = January
2月 = nigatsu = February
3月 = sangatsu = March
4月 = shigatsu = April
5月 = gogatsu = May
6月 = rokugatsu = June
7月 = shichigatsu = July
8月 = hachigatsu = August
9月 = kugatsu = September
10月 = juugatsu = October
11月 = juuichigatsu = November
12月 = juunigatsu = December

Every (毎) + Day / Week / Month / Year
毎日 = mainichi = every day
毎週 = maishuu = every week
毎月 = maitsuki = every month
毎年 = maitoshi = every year

Days of the Week
日曜日 = nichiyoubi = Sunday
月曜日 = getsuyoubi = Monday
火曜日 = kayoubi = Tuesday
水曜日 = suiyoubi = Wednesday
木曜日 = mokuyoubi = Thursday
金曜日 = kinyoubi = Friday
土曜日 = doyoubi = Saturday

Discounts + Deals
10%オフ = ju ppaasento ofu = 10% off
100円引き = hyaku en biki = 100 yen off
割引き = waribiki = discount
セール = seeru = sale
半額 = hangaku = half price
飲み放題 = nomihoudai = all-you-can-drink
食べ放題 = tabehoudai = all-you-can-eat
コース = koosu = (set) course (e.g. at a restaurant)

As long as you know the name of the product in question (e.g. 生ビール / nama biiru / "draft beer"), you can now read a huge percentage of the signs for sales, discounts, and promotional offers hanging up all over Japan.

All you've gotta do is mix and match. ^^

On the bottom right there, it says 年中無休 (nenjuu mukyuu), "all year no holidays." In other words, "open every day."

Maybe you should memorize that one, too ^_^.

Bonus Phrases:

Here's an example phrase for every one of those words listed above!

(I must admit--It took quite a bit longer than 15 minutes to get all of these ^_^).

ろくがつ から まいしゅう きんようび なまビール はんがく!!
Starting in June, every Friday draft beer is half price!
Literally: June + from + every week + Friday + draft beer + half-price

いちがつ が いちばん さむい ん だって。
Apparently January is the coldest month. // This says that January is the coldest month.
Literally: January + ga + number 1 + cold + n da tte

もう にがつ かぁ。
It's already February? // I can't believe it's already February.
Literally: already + February + kaa

さんがつ って えいご で なん だっけ?
What's sangatsu in English, again?
Literally: March + tte + English + de + what + is again?

しがつ が いちばん すき。
April is my favorite month.
Literally: April + ga + number one + liking

ごがつ に なった ら りょこう いこう。
Let's go on a trip in May.
Literally: May + ni + if/when becomes + trip + let's go

もうすぐ ろくがつ だ ね。
It's almost June.
Literally: soon + June + is + ne

しちがつ の よてい は?
Do you have any plans for July? // What are your plans for July?
Literally: July + no + plan + wa?

はちがつ うまれ だ よ ね?
You were born in August, right?
Literally: August + born + is + yo ne

くがつ は いそがしく なりそう。
It looks like September is going to be a busy month. // I think September is gonna be busy.
Literally: September + wa + busy + looks like will become

じゅうがつ いつか は ぜったい あけといて ね。
Be sure not to make any plans on October 5th, OK?
Literally: October + 5th day + wa + absolutely + open + prepare + ne

じゅういちがつ から は ひま だ よ。
I should be free from November.
Literally: November + from + wa + free/ not busy + is + yo.

おきなわ の じゅうにがつ は あたたかい ね。
December is warm in Okinawa.
Literally: Okinawa + no + December + wa + warm + ne.

まいにち うんどう してる。
I exercise every day.
Literally: every day + exercise + am doing

まいしゅう きんようび は しぶや で のんでる。
I go drinking in Shibuya every Friday.
Literally: every week + Friday + wa + Shibuya + de + am drinking

でんきだい まいつき いくら くらい?
About how much is your electricity bill every month?
Literally: electricity bill + every month + how much + about?

なつやすみ は まいとし ハワイ に いってる。
I go to Hawaii every summer for vacation. // I go to Hawaii for summer break every year.
Literally: summer vacation + wa + every year + Hawaii + ni + am going

にちようび の よる って ゆううつ。
Sunday nights are depressing.
Literally: Sunday + no + night + tte + depression.

げつようび あそぼう。
Let's hang out on Monday.
Literally: Monday + let's play

かようび あいてる?
Are you free on Tuesday?
Literally: Tuesday + is empty?

すいようび から れんきゅう なん だ。
I have three [four] days off in a row starting Wednesday.
Literally: Wednesday + from + consecutive holidays + nan + is
Note: It's actually saying something like, "From Wednesday, it's a consecutive holiday," but that sounds strange to me. So I just guessed and said 3 days.

もくようび の パーティー いく?
Are you going to the party on Thursday?
Literally: Thursday + no + party + go?

やっと きんようび だ!
It's finally Friday!
Literally: at last + Friday + is!

どようび だから こんでる ね。
It's crowded because it's Saturday.
Literally: Saturday + is + because + is crowded + ne

この ぼうし じゅっパーセント オフ だった。
I got this hat for 10% off. // This hat was 10% off.
Literally: this + hat + 10% + of + was

見て。100円引きだって。 みて。 
ひゃくえん びき だって。
Look. It's 100 yen off.
Literally: look + 100 yen + pulling + is + tte

わりびき します よ!
I'll give you a discount.
Literally: discount + (will) do

ふく の セール いっしょ に いこう。
Let's go to a clothes sale.
Literally: clothes + no + sale + together + let's go
Note: The listener would probably be like, "What clothes sale?" or "Where?"

はんがく だと つい かっちゃう。
When something's half off, I can't help but buy it.
Literally: half-price + da to + end up + buy

のみほうだい あります か?
Do you have any all-you-can-drink options?
Literally: all-you-can-drink + is/have?

カニ の たべほうだい いきたい。
I want to go to an all-you-can-eat crab restaurant!
Literally: crab + no + all-you-can-eat + want to go

コース に しよう。
Let's get a (set) course.
Literally: course + ni + let's do

なまビール いくら です か?
How much is draft beer?
Literally: draft beer + how much + is + ka

ここは ねんじゅうむきゅう です か?
Is this place open 365 days a year?
Literally: here + wa + all year no holidays + is + ka?