16 - She's on the... Pelvis Diet?

One time, I was walking along in Tokyo, and I saw a sign advertising "The Pelvis Diet."

No, seriously. Here's an image:

kantan! kotsuban daietto.
It's easy! The Pelvis Diet.
(Literally: "Easy! Pelvis + Diet.")

My first thought was, No, man, you're just messing up the kanji or something. There's no such thing as a Pelvis Diet.

But then I looked up the words, again and again, and there was no mistake:



I soon learned that the problem was this word ダイエット (daietto).

In English, the word "diet" strictly refers to the food we eat, yeah?

But in Japanese, ダイエット (daietto) refers to "food and exercise."

Or in the case of the 骨盤ダイエット (kotsuban daietto), apparently it's the process of realigning your pelvic bone with weirdo stretches:

sango kotsuban daietto
Post-Pregnancy Pelvis Diet

josei no "yasenai" "choushi ga warui" wa
kotsuban no yugami ga genin datta!

The reason that some females "just can't lose weight"
or "just don't feel right:" pelvic misalignment!

(Literally: "females + の + 'not get thin' + 'condition is bad' + は
+ pelvis + の + deformation + が + cause + was."
(Sorry for the super long example.)

There are quite a few loan words like ダイエット (daietto) with slightly different meaning, which are referred to as:

wasei eigo
Literally: "Made-in-Japan + English."

I talked about this with the Japanese words for "interview" recently in an article on my site.

Anyways, finding 和製英語 (wasei eigo) is one of the most fun parts of learning Japanese. So look forward to one day coming across your own version of "The Pelvis Diet."

Bonus Phrases:

こつばん が ゆがんでる みたい。
I feel like my hips are getting bent out of place.
Literally: pelvis + ga + is warped + looks like
Note: Ah! I can't translate this! "It looks like my pelvis is warped," would be strange in English, yeah? For example, a person could use this Japanese sentence when they've been standing waiting in line for a long time, and their pelvic area (i.e. hips?) feel strained and out of shape.

いま ダイエット ちゅう。
I'm on a diet.
Literally: now + diet + inside

ノートパソコン って わせいえいご なんだって。
Apparently "Note PC" is Japanese English.
Literally: Note PC + って + Made-in-Japan + English. + なん + is + って